A magnitude 6.3 earthquake shakes the Greek island of Crete

6.3 magnitude strong earthquake On the Richter scale, the second most severe in two weeks shook the eastern part Greek island of Crete, The largest in the country.

The epicenter was reported below the ocean floor, however; no tsunami alert was issued. 23 kilometers east of the city of Zagros (405 km southeast of Athens), east of the island, already one Depth of 5 km.

However there are currently no reports of injuries The long quake in the Greton capital, Heraklion, has caused great concern, And in other tourist cities such as Ayos Nicholas or Sitia, damage to buildings has been reported.

File image of the damage caused by the September earthquake in the east of the Greek island.  EFE / EPA / NIKOS Salciatics
File image of the damage caused by the September earthquake east of the Greek island of Crete. EFE / EPA / NIKOS Salciatics

Local media reported that it was also felt in the Dodecanese islands in the Aegean Sea.

“The center is at sea, far away from populated areas”He said on the radio Sky Greek seismologist Gerasimos Papatopoulos.

Greece is in constant error and suffers from earthquakes from time to time.

Fifteen days ago, another earthquake in Crete killed one person and injured dozens.

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