A lucky one! That’s what Albert Pujols’ 700th home run ball was worth

Sports memorabilia has been very important in American culture throughout the ages. They have always been a part of fans’ daily lives, and few collectors have paid millions to acquire the most iconic and iconic pieces. However, one sport stands above the rest due to its long history and various odds: baseball.

Those utensils or tools used by Major League Baseball players are always of great value to those who love the king of the game. Even the passion doesn’t stop there, but goes beyond that and also takes appropriate things like cards and autographs.

From Babe Ruth to David Ortiz to hundreds of former players, all have left incredible memories for posterity that will surely be preserved for decades to come. However, there is one that draws attention in a more unique way: the balls.

Devotion to the orb

Every year at the Big Top, around 300,000 balls are used per year, an incredible number, but at the same time, they all look the same… right?

Well, on the surface they are replicas. Yet, the reality is different. These are more than white painted leather and red thread, they have a lot of events behind them and hold unforgettable moments for every lover of balls and strike game. Hence, many of them are given surrealist figures.

For example, the auction record for a ball paid by comic artist Todd McFarlane for the protagonist of Mark McGwire’s 70th home run in 1998 was $3 million. Another note was Barry Bonds’ 700th complete comeback hit. The ball sold for just over $800,000.

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Still, these things don’t always happen. Sometimes, the balls are returned to the player by the fans who caught them in exchange for another gift and a sweet moment next to the home run author. But for all that, how much did Dominican Albert Pujols’ 700th home run cost?

Started well

The first thing collectors should know is that, for their good fortune, the machine’s 7-hundredth home run ball is up for sale. It’s currently up for auction and the highest bid is already at $130,000, but the figure is expected to keep rising.

Obsessed Malov Leal asked the auction house to put Golden Auctions on their list this month, and things are looking pretty good. Offers are open until November 5th, dare to fight for that jewel?

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