A lottery player wins a million dollars playing Powerball, but doesn’t realize it until three months later

Missouri Lottery Player He was holding a million dollar winning Powerball ticket in his hands, but he didn’t realize it until three months later. to be a tie.

The reason you didn’t realize this is because the player has a system for knowing when to check their lottery tickets. “I have an alarm set to check tickets every three months. So I didn’t know for a while,” the player told lottery officials.

When the alarm clock on her cell phone finally told her to check her lottery tickets, The player realized that he had an Arsenal card with a prize of one million dollars.

Authorities said that ticket matched all five white balls drawn during the January 2 Powerball draw.

“I watched it and won a million dollars!” said the lucky winner, according to Yahoo.

The man quickly went to tell his wife, but she didn’t believe him at first.

“I thought it was a joke,” the man recalls when he went to collect the prize money at the state lottery headquarters.

The player, who preferred to keep his identity secret, went to collect his prize on March 29, about 12 weeks after the draw..

The winning ticket was purchased at a store called On the Run in the town of Rock Hill.

The lucky winner plans to use their newfound wealth to make some home improvements and save for retirement.

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