A Long Island Player Won $1 Million in the Lottery, But He’ll Only Get $650,000 Because of Taxes

The winning numbers in the drawing were: 02-27-42-44-51, with Powerball number 25.

Photo: William Thomas Caine/Getty Images

lottery player name Carlos Moran Jr., of Long Island, New York, took home a $1 million jackpot after matching the first five numbers selected in the Powerball chart on Monday, June 13as announced by the New York Lottery.

Even though he won a million dollars, Moran received his award as a single cash payment of $651,000, with state and federal tax dollars withheld.New York Lottery said.

The winning numbers for the raffle were: 02-27-42-44-51, with Powerball number 25, as reported by the Daily Voice.

“This is really a blessing,” said the lucky winner. To the New York Lottery after claiming your prize.

The winning ticket was purchased at the Deer Hills Service LLC store, located on 1985 Deer Park Ave. in Deer Park.

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