A friend of Gerard Pique notes that Shakira may have been unfaithful too

  • So far Gerard Piqué has kept quiet about his breakup with Shakira.
  • The journalist and the athlete’s friend also assured that it would have been the opposite of how they were told.

As a retired footballer, Gerard Pique has remained silent on the reasons for ending his relationship with Colombian artist Shakira.It chose to sing about some of the issues that led to their split, and although it was not openly reported, many netizens expressed their solidarity with him and accused Piqué of infidelity.

However, a journalist and friend of the high-performance athlete hinted that things were going badly. Singer Gerard Piguet would have been unfaithful, And before he started dating Clara Xia.

Correspondent Jordi Baste, In an interview with Oriol Nolis on the TVE-Catalunya program, He expressed that he thought it was unfair how Pique was treated, left as “the bad guy in the movie”. And his side of the story should be heard first.

“Until we know all the details, we don’t have to say. Because there are subtleties in everything in life, some people will be surprised. It might be the opposite of how it was explained. Especially referring to his personal life,” said a friend of the football player.

Although that’s not all, even though he knows Shakira and has many funny stories with her, he doesn’t stop being a ‘Team’ PQ. “(Shakira) goes to the bathroom to brush her hair after she eats because she knows very well that everyone from where she sits to the door will be asking her for photos.”

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