A family has asked NASA to pay $80,000 for space debris that fell on their Florida home.

A piece of a spent battery charging base fell from the International Space Station to a house in the United States.

An American Family Claims more than 80,000 US dollars from NASA. This is a small cause A piece of space junk A man who fell from space and went through the roof of his Florida home, a law firm reported on June 21, 2024.

The problem of space debris has grown with the increase in space traffic and NASA's response Can set an example Law firm Cranfield Sumner said in a statement about how future claims will be handled.

On March 8, a 700-gram object struck Alejandro Otero's home in Naples, Florida. Cause a hole in the roof. NASA later confirmed that it was a fragment of a used battery charging platform Released from the space station International waste in 2021.

Instead of completely disintegrating before falling to earth, One part remained intact Upon re-entry into the atmosphere, the US space agency said.

Deadline for NASA

Otero's son was home at the time of the impact, the law firm said NASA has six months To respond to your complaint

“My clients seek appropriate compensation taking into account the stress and impact this incident has had on their lives,” said attorney Mica Nguyen Worthy.

“No one was physically hurt, but they are thankful for such a 'near miss' situation It could have been disastrous. “Severe injuries or a fatal incident may have occurred.”

NASA did not immediately respond to AFP's requests for comment.

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