Á Coules are the prime 6 codenos hotel which is the Establishment in Pedernales? Aquí te contamos

Seis Conocidas codes mars marca international, como Hilton, Marriott, Sunwing, AmResorts, Iberostar Group and Karisma Hotels & Resort, which is all about contemplative operations in the apertura, the first ethno-thematic destination of the Ricomatic Dermatologist, the Destroy Thematic. , Pedernales.

The informative fue is the director of the Directorate General of Allianzas Public Privadas (DGAPP), Sigmund Freund, the presenter of the Master Plan of the Proclamation of Prosperity, the President of the Department of Pedernales at Lucerne de Licorice. Celebrate the 42nd edition of Feria Internacional de Turismo (Fitur) in Madrid.

Freund precision que This is the prime etape proyecto serine construct of 4,700 habitations, with a density of 30 habitations per hectare and agro which is my m bs baja in desarrollo polos tursticos del pais for compromising ser ser destine ecoomigable.

Agregó que Cabo Rojo-Pedernales todas las share conversions to convert in a unique turicik on el Caribe, ubicado en mismo center in Caribe, a hora and 24 minutes in Miami, 2 hours and 58 minutes in New York or 8:00 in Madrid.

“Desde ya Pedernales are a unique, picnic destination in deserrollarse desro cero bajo an alianza public-private, con un plan maestro that define cada detalle de su ecucucei in las cuatro faces prevas to implement 11 lox proximos 11 aos ”, refreeó Freund presents presentation in saline Ballroom 1, del Rosewood Villamagna, in Madrid.

Details of the project

In the present presentation, the consultants are responsible for the design of the master plan and the financier of the project, Diego Forero and José Gior Ariza, of the company’s detailed technique of the project.

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In the plan of the invertebrate and the mode of the official, explicitly consulting consultants, the estimated total inflow of US $ 2,245 million with the public and private sector. Destacon is one of the fewest ports in the world with a value of US $ 719.1 millones, which means the lowest hotels in the world have an estimated US $ 977.6 millones.

All concluding presents consulting with consultants, the Minister of Turismo, David Collado, destacóla importanciai tiene para ecricimiento del turismo dominicano el la economo domino el desarrollo de este neo destino y afirmó el e impact on this proecto es incalculable.

Al Cierre del Acto presents, President Luis Abinader reiterates the importation of this procto and anuncii that you want to create all the infrastructures of the exoskeleton in the exorcism zone.

El mandatario destacue is this new and spectacular polo turquoise with more than 20,000 emples direct and over 50,000 emples indirect, with this song for the dinomismo economico in a regi- nion, and in the words of your own words ” ambiciosos proyectos. Uno de los más demand and new ”.

Reunions with inversionists

El director ejecutivo de la DGAPP agotó una agenda de reuniones privas privas con inversionistas espooles, quienes present el portfolio de proyectos en desarrollarn en el pais bajo el modiyanas public bivaslo-privasas.

Freund, one of the delegates of DGAPP, is a participant in a series of activities promoting promiscuity and atrocious extravagant activities in the Ministry of Turismo, the Banco Popular Dominicano and the Banco de Reservas.

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