A Chinese space probe lands on the far side of the moon to take samples

Beijing A Chinese space probe landed on the far side of the moon on Sunday to take soil and rock samples that could provide information about the differences between this less-explored region and the known side.

The moon stated that the lunar landing module landed at 6:23 am Beijing time on a huge crater known as the Aitken Basin at the south pole of the moon. National Space Administration to China.

This mission is the sixth within the Chang'e Lunar Exploration Program, which is named after the Chinese moon goddess. It is the second designed to retrieve samples, after Chang'e 5, which did so from the near side in 2020.

The lunar program is part of the growing competition with… United State – which remains a leader in space exploration – and other countries, such as Japan and India. China has launched its own space station into orbit and regularly sends crews.

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