A “cheating” trick to connect your cell phone to Wi-Fi without a password

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When connecting to the Internet and surfing the Internet safely, it is important to have a Wi-Fi password for your location, because it will allow the interface to be more solid and faster than accessing it. Mobile data available on cell phones often loses signal.

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But even though it is almost certain that most companies have a wireless connection network, not all of us have a specific password to communicate through WhatsApp or other social networks, which prompts us to ask for it when we run out of mobile data. Has this ever happened to you?

If you do not dare to ask the owner due to embarrassment or discomfort, do not worry, today there are various tricks that will help you connect without getting the password or talking to the account holders. Jot down these tips and improve your relationship with technology and the virtual universe and become a true expert in the field.

How to connect to Wi-Fi on your cell phone without a password?

It is essential to have Wi-Fi connected to different devices that allow you to download files better without spending money on mobile data. It is a very useful tool that helps you save energy and extend battery life.

With this, some tricks were invented to achieve connection to the wireless network of places without a key. One of them consists of connecting through a code provided by the distribution device. Most current modems or routers have a QR code on the back or back of the device, which includes both the network name and its password, allowing a simultaneous relationship to be established.

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