A building in old Havana has collapsed and is dead and injured

The Decline The side wall of a building Old Havana Will be Buried At least two passers-by According to the official version, the debris was on the fallen street, which differs from witnesses to the events.

According to a brief note from the Havana government Facebook profile, The event took place at 9:10pm on Thursday at the Jesus Maria Popular Council, At the intersection between the busy Monte and Angels streets.

According to the report, the wall collapsed “on the second floor of a building” and “according to neighbors, two passers-by were trapped.”

“At the time of the incident, one of the passers-by was taken to a nearby hospital. Firefighters and paramedics are continuing to work to rescue the other passerby.”An official statement said it was unclear whether the victim trapped in the rubble was alive.

From the scene, Journalist Hector Luis Valdes Commented “Four neighbors, including a minor,” were declared “neighbors of the place”.

“The building has been in danger of collapsing for many years. Many people who have been in the building for many years have told me about it without giving any response to complaints from the housing office,” he said. said A post On your own wall.

According to the evidence gathered by the reporter, it would have taken about half an hour for both police and firefighters and rescue workers to reach the site, one of the main arteries in old Havana.

The Havana government says traffic has been diverted through the area to continue the rescue operation.

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On the Havana government’s own Facebook wall, Cecilia Cristobal commented: “This is very unfortunate news. Lack of materials and indifference to the deplorable condition of homes affects them every day.

“I live on a street parallel to Monte, and the building shakes several times a day when buses and some large trucks pass by, and I do not know how they are allowed to pass through that street. (…) I think those tremors behave like small aftershocks, and I hope there will be more news like this as we go, and we will have to regret it, “he concluded.

For his part, Yani Theas added: “Houses and buildings are collapsing and it is important to build hotels here,” he said. What is it that keeps people dying? What matters to them is if their family is well. Cuba is disintegrating It’s for fun “.

Area collapses are a common occurrence in cities across Cuba, Its buildings are generally dilapidated and not repaired from time to time.

The Poor condition of most buildings in the capital’s oldest municipalities, such as Old Havana, Zero and Centro HabanaDue to lack of maintenance, the military business firm GAESA contrasts with the millionaire investment made in recent years to build luxury hotels, very close to many buildings in some dilapidated condition.

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