A board game with a lot of science and equality

It is not easy to put yourself in the position of a researcher to rationalize resources aimed at developing projects that can contribute in some way to society. And more so, if the gender inequalities that exist in the world of science are taken into account. That’s the challenge that more than 150 students from 23 centers in the region faced yesterday at Hotel Zentral Rey Pelayo, who enjoyed the final stage of a fun board game in the “I STEM Project Asturias Championship”. Last year, this card game was created by students from Miguel de Cervantes Public School. “She seeks to highlight the lack of women in STEM sectors,” said its former principal, Giles García. And on this course I made a jump in all the Asturias 5th and 6th grade Primary, ESO and Bachiller centers. In total, about 1,600 students participated in the previous stage. 500 copies were distributed.

Each of the four players around the table assumes the role of Research Director and must recruit a team of scientists, represented by 24 cards, to develop certain projects. Eva Fernandez, a fifth grader at La Corrolla, finds it “very interesting”. “I didn’t know there were so many scholars! And it’s so easy to learn with a board game,” he said yesterday. His partner, Elena Gomez, adds that he feels “as if he’s working in real life during the games.” It “could help someone discover their vocation,” he concludes. Although this time winning was of the least importance, the Games were lived with passion. Colegio Laviada was the winner in the primary, while IES Salinas won the ESO and Corazón de María the baccalaureate.

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Some of the heroes on the cards didn’t want to miss out on this grand finale. Two examples: Teresa Valdes and Victoria García. “It seems strange to me to see myself in the game. I find it very interesting to achieve that a job After the investigation, “said the second, who is currently developing materials for new technologies related to green hydrogen. Teresa Valdes was also present at the event.” Surely some students will break down the barriers of science thanks to this initiative that captivated Ivan Aitor Lucas, Director General of Innovation, Research and Digital Transformation of the Principality of Asturias. Its management has supported the project with two grants of more than €30,000 in the past two years. She has also collaborated with Desconectando and the Caja Rural Foundation.

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