8 Dangerous Apps That Should Be Removed From All Android Phones

As part of a process Attrition Google has announced that it has discovered content in the Digital Store, the Play Store Projects All the people who were able to download them when the platform was available.

Despite the traditional restrictions Security With the Play Store, every season reviews make sure the available apps comply with security requirements and do not include viruses or any kind of malware. However, in some cases the applications will be open to the public for a while, except for restrictions.

They were found in the last review of the Google Store 8 applications In particular they spread a dangerous ransomware virusThe Joker ‘This will quiet the control of the cell phones to access the personal information of the users and to control the SIM cards to some extent.

This particular virus will register different users SMS payment services as a long-term theft plan For that he will cheat many without noticing. Significant details of such events can be found in the device’s news record or in the invoice for charges for telephone services, for added security, as money is found for unauthorized subscriptions.

Utilized applications containing the mentioned ransomware include:

Supporting message

Element scanner

Fast Magic SMS

Free Gamescanner

Go News

Super news

Super SMS

Travel wallpapers

It is recommended for users who have downloaded any of the listed applications Remove the questionable software immediately And all data on the phone. It is necessary to confirm both the program and the executable APK file The device was completely removed so that there was no risk of fraud.

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On the other hand, the cyber security company Zscaler He noted that the same virus may be present in other applications still found in the store:

Free convenient news

PDF photo scanner

Deluxe keyboard

Compliant with QR scanner

PDF converter scanner

Font Style Keyboard

Translate for free

The message is telling

Personal message

Read the scanner

Print scanner

As a preventative measure, if the phone has such applications, it is best to follow the same procedure for deleting the associated data completely. In addition, if you want to ensure that the virus is completely removed from the device, it is advisable to install and use such antivirus. Avast Mobile Security, Kaspersky Oh Esetnod32 These are also available for the Android operating system.

Finally, it is always advisable to digitally check the appearance of an application before downloading, in addition to reviewing reviews and comments to make sure the number of downloads is from real people. Keep it in the store. It is better not to risk sensitive information by downloading incredible programs as many types of malicious software are invisible to the naked eye.

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