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Popular pizza restaurant declares bankruptcy in the United States | Photo: Photomontage Week: Getty Images

There are many food chains in the world that have gone through a difficult financial situation. But the crisis has worsened to a greater extent in the United States, where several companies have already declared bankruptcy or liquidation, after revealing complex forecasts in their financial statements.

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One of the most common reasons a company goes bankrupt or is unable to continue operating is because of debt. Typically, a company’s financial situation takes a turn when it reaches negative equity. That is, when it owes more than it has assets.

When this happens, many companies decide to find a way to maneuver the situation, because high debts make it impossible for them to operate and thus affect the continuity of the company and the stability it offers its employees.

One of the most popular alternatives is a reorganization law, or bankruptcy law as it is known in some countries. This forces creditors to enter into some sort of agreement with the companies, or renegotiate payments or deadlines, so that they have a new opportunity to move forward.

The famous pizza restaurant in the United States has filed for bankruptcy.

Seafood, hamburger and other food chains have seen a complicated scenario in the United States. There, interest rates are still high, so many have had to manage much higher debt than they expected.

Now it's Mod Pizza's turn, one of the largest pizza chains in the United States, which is considering bankruptcy, according to a report by the famous financial portal Bloomberg.

The Seattle-based chain has hired legal and financial advisers to formally declare bankruptcy, amid a grueling search for a buyer who can capitalize the company and pull it out of the hole it finds itself in.

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It is important to remember that the pizza restaurant decided earlier this year to close 26 restaurants in several states. The closures would have mainly affected underperforming stores. In addition, the company's CEO confirmed, as reported by the local portal QsrMagazine, that severance packages were offered to employees when transfers to another chain were not available or were denied.

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