5 Things You Should Know This April 5

First look at hurricane season predicts more storms than previously predicted Details of “anti-fascist” legislation promoted by the Venezuelan government. What do we know about China's deep space station in Patagonia? Here's what you need to know to start tomorrow. First the truth.

1. Biden's warning to Netanyahu

US President Joe Biden called Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu saying the overall humanitarian situation in Gaza was unacceptable. Along these lines, he warned him that Israel must take steps to address the crisis or face the consequences.

2. Heavy setback for Petro

Colombia's President Gustavo Pedro comes to power in 2022, and there will be change, especially on social issues. For this reason, one of his campaign banners was reforms in key sectors such as health, the pension system, the labor sector, education and justice. Many of these changes are being debated in Congress, but the health reform that Pedro promoted the most was tabled this Wednesday in the Seventh Chamber of the House of Representatives with 9 against and 5 in favor of continuing. Your discussion.

3. More storms and hurricanes are expected than previously predicted

The 2024 Atlantic hurricane season isn't even here yet, but Colorado State University's seasonal forecast is already shaping up to be one of the most named hurricanes and storms ever.

4. What does the “anti-fascist” law proposed by the Venezuelan government propose?

Venezuela's National Assembly on Tuesday passed a “law against fascism, neofascism and similar expressions” promoted by the government of Nicolás Maduro. The document was approved in a first debate on Tuesday and is expected to go to a second debate in the coming weeks, the legislative branch said in a statement.

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5. What do we know about China's deep space station in Patagonia?

In a corner of southern Argentina's Nuquen province, China is eyeing deep space and a sky full of satellites. Since the first agreements for its construction were signed between Beijing and Buenos Aires in 2012, the remote space station has generated controversy both inside and outside the South American country.

At coffee time

The “Kingway” supports millions of butterflies traveling from Canada to Mexico

Provide food and shelter for monarch butterflies. That's the goal of Oscar Contreras, who maintains the species as it travels from Canada and the United States to Mexico to escape the cold and breed in warmer climates.

How Taiwan's Tallest Skyscraper Resists Earthquakes

In the capital Taipei, 130 kilometers from the epicenter, buildings shook violently during Taiwan's strongest earthquake in 25 years. But in a triumph of modern engineering, Taipei 101, once the world's tallest skyscraper, emerged unscathed from the island's latest seismic event.

Innovative 'integrated wing' demonstration aircraft allowed to fly

An all-new design plane has been cleared to take off in the skies over California. Late last month, Long Beach-based JetZero certified its 1:8 scale “blended wing” demonstrator aircraft, the Pathfinder, as airworthy.

Check out the incredible “sacred” Mihla Falls in Angola

“No one can say that God does not exist when he sees the miracles that God has done here.” This is the reaction of Sebastio Caspar Agostinho when he first visited the Mihla Falls.

Do you want to study in Europe? These are the top 5 universities

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On the editorial staff, we tell you which are the five best universities in Europe, according to a list published by the Top Universities site.

Image of the day

114 years

Venezuela's Juan Vicente Pérez Mora, who held the title of world's oldest man in Guinness World Records since 2022, died at the age of 114 on Tuesday in the state of Tachira, state governor Freddy Bernal said.

Quote of the day

“It was a multi-military attack targeting three WCK vehicles (…) Israeli authorities knew its journey, its route and its humanitarian mission”

Jose Andrés, founder of WCK, said Israel attacked the aid workers “systematically car by car”.

And to finish…

A rock falls and hits a car after an earthquake in Taiwan

A car camera captured the moment a large rock slammed into a car on the road during the 7.4 magnitude earthquake that struck Taiwan, killing at least ten people. Warning: disturbing images.

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