5 people died when the ship collided with the whale

According to the first hypothesis, five people died this Saturday when the boat they were traveling in capsized. Whale off the coast of New Zealand’s South Island, officials said.

The boat, which was carrying 11 people, including a group of bird watchers, capsized in “calm waters” near Goose Bay, 15 kilometers south of the population, at around 10:00 local time (22:00 GMT Friday). Kaikoura, filed a police report.

Teams Release on bail They found 6 people alive and 5 dead who were being treated for minor injuries.

Kaikoura Mayor Craig Mackle said there were early “signs” of a ship strike Whale That’s why it turned upside down, though the police refrained from commenting on the incident while investigating it.

“The information we have at this time is that it appears to be a collision. With what? We don’t know at this time,” Kaikoura Police Sergeant Matt Boyce told a news conference, calling the incident “unprecedented.”

Humpback whales usually swim off Kaikoura beaches at this time of year, where groups of sperm whales are also seen, the official admitted. EFE

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