5 Interesting Things to Know About GaGa Ball Game

The Gaga game is played with a ball in a pit similar to dodgeball by any number of players. It is called the kinder version of dodgeball as the ball used is a soft foam ball. The interesting history of the “gaga” game has made it more popular among players today.

The main objective of the gaga game is for players to hit others with the ball while avoiding getting hit. If the ball hits you, you are eliminated from the game instantly. Players have to hit the ball with their hands and should hit others below the waist.


The interesting history of the “gaga” game suggests that it originated in Israel. The words “hit” or “touch” refer to “ga” in Hebrew, where its name has originated.

A Workout

The game can be played with any number of players and tends to be more fun with additional players. It is a high-energy, fast-paced sport.

In a gaga ball game, players should dodge the ball, jump, run, and strike while hitting their opponents below the waist with the ball. They have to keep moving to stay in the game. Due to this, you get an excellent cardiovascular workout.

You will also love that you can spice it up by adding a ball or two to the pit. That will start getting more people eliminated. The last man standing on the ground is the winner of the game. Even a short game of gaga ball can give you the benefits of a full-fledged physical exercise routine.

No Throwing in Gaga Ball

In dodgeball, players throw the ball. However, in this schoolyard game, players don’t throw the ball. Players are allowed to swat at the ball with their hands and try to aim it at others. Since players are not allowed to pick or throw the ball, the chances of getting hit by a fastball are less.

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No Hits Above the Waist

In Gaga ball, the hits that land on the player’s feet and legs are the ones that count. Therefore, a player is not eliminated by merely touching the ball. Neither if the ball hits you in the chest or face. It is a safe alternative that involves a high level of activity and is yet different and unique.

The Gaga Pit

The Gaga game is played in a large wooden pit. It prevents players from swatting balls as they pass just above the ground from being knocked out of play. It allows for rebounds and ricochets because the players are nearby. That also avoids elimination much harder.

The Gaga game provides challenges where players can use strategic ways to stay put in the game and eliminate without causing others catastrophic injuries. This is the reason why they love the game, and it has gained huge popularity.

The interesting history of the “gaga” game has gained wide acclaim among players. Also, since it’s a comparatively safe game, players prefer the gaga game over many other sports. You can also partake in this fun game and hone your skills with proper training.

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