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the Mexico National Lottery Edition 3899 of The main drag On Tuesday 29 August. If you purchased your ticket for this week, please pay attention as we will be showing you the winning numbers and other important details. Review our information and share it with your betting friends. With this cloud your life can change!

The information that we will provide you will be very useful for all of Mexico, so we ask that you pay attention and share all the details with your friends and family.

Results for Tuesday 29 August 2023

What time is the Mayor’s Draw played?

The Sortillo Mayor of the National Lottery will be held on Tuesday, August 29, starting at 8:00 PM in Mexico (9:00 PM – in Peru). Of course, we warn you that the results may not be ready by that time, so we ask the participants to be patient. You can’t lose this.

How to participate in the “Mayor’s Lottery”?

If what you want is to try your luck playing in ‘Sorteo Mayor’, we tell you that you can do it by buying a $30 lottery lottery. Likewise, if you wanted to run it for a full series (20 small pieces), it would cost you $600. Remember that the prize you get will depend on the two tickets you have purchased.

Main Draw: How much is the prize?

This week the “Sorteo Mayor” will award a jackpot of 21 million pesos in three series, in addition to awarding the main prize of a series of 7 million. We remind you that you can watch the live broadcast of the “National Lottery” on its official YouTube channel:

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Main Draw: What do I do if I win?

According to the regulations, everyone who wins a prize from the National Lottery or from the Predictable Draws, including the “Mayor of Surteo”, will have up to 60 days to claim their prize. Likewise, it is important to know that the winner will not get the full amount of money because the tax authorities will deduct part of the amount by law.

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