31 former presidents of Latin America and Spain express concern over political crisis in Guatemala

This August 28, 31 former heads of state and heads of government from Latin America issued a statement in which they support the presidential election in Guatemala, but express concern about the situation in the country.

The signatories are 31 former heads of state and government participating in the Initiative for Democracy in Spain and the United States (IDEA), and according to the report, they are aware of the decision taken by the American Committee on Human Rights to grant precautionary measures. In favor of Guatemala’s president-elect, Bernardo Arevalo, and his running mate, Karin Herrera Aguilar, their fundamental rights, including the right to life and personal integrity, are being threatened.

They also point out that they are aware of the “harassment and criminal attempt” by the Public Ministry and other elements of the Guatemalan State Seed Movement, which supported the successful electoral bid.

That is why former presidents declared as follows.

  • State institutions must always guarantee human rights, including political rights, when colluding with organized crime and power.
  • The results of the presidential election held in Guatemala and announced by its Supreme Electoral Tribunal were observed internationally and their credibility was confirmed by the Organization of American States; This is despite the persecution of members of the said electoral body and continued efforts to modify or limit the clear will of the people’s sovereignty through judicial proceedings.
  • We share the criteria of the OAS mission. And we also join the concern expressed by the UN Secretary General in this regard.
  • Respect for and guarantee of political rights is an inalienable obligation of the State, at the risk of compromising its international responsibility for human rights violations, while at the same time making individual responsibilities operational. Various public powers vested in them by act or omission.
  • They reiterate: “Effective implementation of democracy is an international duty that every domestic or internal jurisdiction of every state must fulfill.”
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They further stated that the democratic system implies that the person who gets the highest number of votes shall assume the elected office and replace the ruling party with the principle of alternating power.

“We will remain vigilant and lend our vigilance to assist in the process of democratic restoration of Guatemala and the ratification of its Constitution,” concludes the document signed by the following former heads of state and government.

  1. Mario Abdo, Paraguay
  2. Oscar Arias, Costa Rica
  3. Jose Maria Asner, Spain
  4. Nicolas Ardito Barletta, Panama
  5. Felipe Calderon, Mexico
  6. Rafael Angel Calderon, Costa Rica
  7. Alfredo Cristiani, El Salvador
  8. Laura Chincilla M., Costa Rica
  9. Ivan Duke, Columbia
  10. Jose Maria Figueres, Costa Rica
  11. Vincent Fox, Mexico
  12. Federico Franco, Paraguay
  13. Eduardo Frei Ruiz-Tagle, Chile
  14. Cesar Gaviria T., Colombia
  15. Lucio Gutierrez, Ecuador
  16. Oswaldo Hurtado, Ecuador
  17. Luis Alberto Lagale H, Uruguay
  18. Mauricio Macri, Argentina
  19. Jamil Mahuat W., Ecuador
  20. Carlos Meza G., Bolivia
  21. Lenin Moreno, Ecuador
  22. Mireya Moscoso, Panama
  23. Andres Pastrana, Colombia
  24. Ernesto Perez Palladares, Panama
  25. Sebastian Piñera, Chile
  26. Jorge Tuto Quiroca, Bolivia
  27. Miguel Angel Rodriguez, Costa Rica
  28. Julio Maria Sanguinetti, Uruguay
  29. Luis Guillermo Solis, Costa Rica
  30. Alvaro Uribe v., Colombia
  31. Juan Carlos Vazmosi, Paraguay

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