3 ways to change the font of your WhatsApp messages

Today we will introduce you to three Methods Change the font of your messages Share, So keep reading and you will learn step by step how to implement it.

If you still do not know how to change the genre Fountain For WhatsApp letters, learn these three methods, one you will do from the same platform, the other external applications and finally from a web page.

Last year WhatsApp gave you various security, privacy and other tools Activities, Users consider the above application to be more basic compared to others like Telegram, which is ultimately its main competitor.

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For example, if you are already bored with the classic font provided by the green application, you can not change it from the same site.

However, this time we will show you three different ways to change your font.

It should be noted that there are three popular ways to change WhatsApp font: first, from the same application, but it is not a font change, but a bold, italic, strikethrough and monospace options.

The second is with the help of an external application that you download from the Google Play Store.

Will be with the help of a third web page, accessible to all users.


From the same application

  • First make sure there are no updates pending on WhatsApp.
  • Open the app and enter any dialog.
  • Write what you like in the text bar below, but do not send yet.
  • Select the text by pressing a few seconds and a window will appear with the above options: ‘Cut’, ‘Copy’, ‘Paste’ and the three vertical dots icon, tap the latter.
  • Various functions will be displayed.
  • Bold: Used to highlight text in deep black. A shortcut is to place two asterisks between words, for example: * utility * will be converted to utility.
  • Italics: Used to tilt the text to the right. Shortcut is the placement of two hyphens between words, for example: _Technology_ becomes technology.
  • Strike: Used to attack a text. The shortcut is to place two tilts between the words, for example: ~ Smartphone becomes a smartphone.
  • Monospace: This allows the text to be more or less fragmented. For example: “ Cellulars“ will become cellular.
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With external use

This is a keyboard called Fonts, you can find it from the Android Google Play Store.

  • After installing it, grant all the necessary permissions for it to operate.
  • Open it and follow the steps it tells you.
  • Now, enter WhatsApp and try writing with different fonts in a chat, you can change fonts or fonts on the same keyboard.


Through a webpage

  • Open Google from PC, laptop or mobile using the browser of your choice and now search for Converter Text Unicode, you can click this link to go straight.
  • On this page you will find a search bar where you can write your message and write what you like.
  • The next step is to tap ‘Show’.
  • You will see your text being replaced with different font formats.
  • Copy the one you like the most and paste it into your WhatsApp conversations.
  • Finally, send the message.

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