3 times V proved he doesn’t know about BTS’s personal space

Is there someone i can’t love Bts? The members of the South Korean band are charming and are a role model of teamwork. Although we sometimes see them as a very close family, sometimes they need their time separated from their peers. But nevertheless, V It is often forgotten that her Bangtan Sonyeondan friends have a personal space.

There are many things that we love about Taehyung, so finding just one thing to thank him for on December 29, 2021 (the date his birthday is celebrated in South Korea), is always difficult. In Sónica.mx, we share with you the 3 times that the idol showed that he does not know the personal space of his companions Bts.

The choice of moments is based on compilations of videos that ARMY has made about the times that V He showed how affectionate he is with his companions and has even managed that Suga cannot deny him things, which is why each of these three events are so cute, what will ‘shrink’ your heart!

V shows how loving he is to BTS members

  • Taehyung asks RM for a hug

During an episode of ‘Bon Voyage’, RM can be seen reading when V interrupts him by telling him that he thinks it’s the first time, since his debut with Bts, who sleeps next to him, and asks if he can hug him. Hearing those words, Namjoon was silent for a few minutes, and said to keep his distance.

Given the refusal of the leader of Bts, Tae asked him if he liked her, and RM affirmed that he did, but clarified that there was a difference between hugging and liking. J-Hope chimed in to point out that the men hug each other too. Later, ARMY learned that V hugged Namjoon overnight like a pillow during a stay in Hawaii.

  • Suga avoids hugs from V, but receives them
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If we had to choose the member of Bts more reserved that would be Suga. The idol does not like to show his feelings in public, but that does not mean that he does not have his little heart. In fact, V has gotten the rapper to accept hugs when there are people around him.

Even if V manages to hug him, that does not prevent Suga from making faces or sounds complaining because he does not want to receive any sign of affection from his partner, however, he always lets out a little smile hinting that he gives up after opposing it on several occasions. As you can see in this VIDEO.

  • Jungkook and V show there is no personal space

In a presentation, ARMY realized that V He was hugging Jungkook during his participation, which VKOOK fans loved. In fact, both members of Bts they told each other how much they admire each other. You can check it by HERE.

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