3 Damage you can do to your car if you always drive a little bit of gasoline

There are many actions that drivers do without knowing that they are harming and impairing the proper functioning of their vehicles. And sometimes we think that such simple things, cHow to drive with little gasIt does not affect anything.

However, these actions have consequences.. Always driving your car with little fuel is bad, it can cause you many problems Some are expensive.

So if you are one of those people who wait until they run out of fuel before they fill up, this practice can cause serious damage to your car.

For this, Here we tell you three damages you can do if you always drive a little bit of gasoline.

1.- Fuel pump wear

The fuel in your fuel tank acts as insulation and lubricant for the fuel pump as it flows around you. When there is not enough fuel in the vehicle’s tank, the fuel pump does not get the same level of lubrication as it normally does, and if you constantly drive on low fuel, you can damage the fuel pump prematurely by overloading it. And the temperature rises.

2.- Sludge deposit

Fuel often contains many contaminants that can deposit at the bottom of the tank and turn into sludge over time. If the fuel runs out, there is a good chance that this fuel pump will suck sludge into the engine. This will cause clogged injectors and fuel filter, poor fuel economy and poor engine performance.

3.- You can stop at any second

Your vehicle won’t go anywhere if it doesn’t have fuel. The consequence of running out of fuel is a sudden loss of engine power. Imagine if it happened on a busy street or highway. Yes, it will be very dangerous because your car engine will die and you will lose power steering and power brake which makes it very difficult to control your vehicle.

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