2.88 m2 of public space was recovered per inhabitant of Barranquilla

in conversation with Herald, urban planning expert Porfirio Ospino, He explained that although the city has improved in areas such as coverage of public services, educational infrastructure and recreational places, it is necessary to take into account other aspects that may affect its development and that require moving quickly.

In the first place, he referred to the unprecedented flooding of nearby neighborhoods in Caño de la Ahuyama as chinita, light and rebollo As a result of the suffocation of its channel by the construction of the port corridor, which reduced its ability to evacuate the ever-increasing volumes of water that were Chinita, Repolo and hospital.

“It will be up to the county not only to expand the section that was removed, but also to build a parallel dam road between the neighborhoods and the canal where the river street was initially drawn from the Japanese expedition studies. This road will not only solve the risk problem, but also improve the issue of Security in the area, where the canal edge currently serves as a haven for criminals and will also improve the indicators of the recreational public space by Recover with bike paths and pedestrian paths around the waters of the Kano River,” he explained.

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The second aspect mentioned by Ospino is the intervention in mobility issues, where he emphasized that vehicular congestion levels have increased in all sectors and this means an improvement in intersections, flow analysis and road directions, but above all an improvement Huge transportation system.

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“At this point, the administration is falling behind in implementing policies that discourage carpooling, but to the same extent it must improve the quality of public transportation,” he said.

Finally, he highlighted the need to improve public space and other conditions affecting the city’s historic center area.

“A clear example of this is the construction of underground networks, which will not only improve the urban environment of the center, but will also significantly reduce the Non-technical energy losses that greatly affect the pockets of the users of this service.”

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