113 retired generals’ pensions increased to RD $ 100,000

Director of National PoliceMajor General Edward After AlbertThat was announced this Friday 113 Public Officers Retirement is a condition due to which service and seniority of the company are transferred to the company, begin to receive a pension 100,000 paise per monthIssued by the President of the effect of the increase, Louis Abinader Crown, by Order 856-21Dated December 30, 2021.

According to the police, the pay rise is part of a specific development plan designed by President Abinadar to support retirees in the regulatory body.

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“This public administration will continue to work to achieve achievements for the benefit of its active and retired members and, as far as possible, extend them to all other members on equal terms,” ​​he added.

He argued that the move demonstrated President Abinadar’s commitment to the regulatory body and all its employees.

He then highlighted the progress made in aspects related to social security and the promotion of progressive development in this regard.

He assured that the police officers who had devoted most of their lives to their country through various activities carried out within the public order had happily received the aforesaid order of the President.

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