-111 degrees Celsius, new record for cooling in a storm cloud formed over the Pacific Ocean | International | News

This event was created in the Pacific.

An extreme cold temperature is measured over a storm cloud Pacific Ocean, Which is through a satellite in Earth’s orbit. The temperature was reached -111 degrees Celsius, It is 30 degrees colder than regular storm clouds and to date is the coldest measure of the temperature of storm clouds, according to a doctor-led study. Simon is proud, NCEO Researcher (National Center for Earth Observation) Of United Kingdom.

Temperature sensors on Earth-orbiting satellites detect these cold clouds, allowing meteorologists to monitor storms and issue severe weather warnings.

According to the Spanish newspaper ABC, The Storms take the shape of an anvil When they reach the top TropicalI.e. very low in the Earth’s atmosphere. However, when the storm has extraordinary energy, it manages to reach the next layer, the stratosphere. According to ABC, This phenomenon causes storm clouds to reach very high altitudes, where temperatures are actually freezing.

What happened to the recorded storm cloud in this extreme cold Pacific region mentioned, it will become very cold -111 degrees Celsius; The upper part of the clouds reached an altitude of more than 20.5 km above sea level.

The storm reached unprecedented temperatures, pushing the limits of what current satellite sensors can measure.“, To explain Pride This is a statement.

“We have found that these cold temperatures are increasingly common, and the last three years have been much colder than the previous thirteen. Should, “Pride added.

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