10 positive and negative things about leaving the League of Nations for the Honduran national team – ten

After beating Costa Rica in a penalty shootout, the Honduran national team closed out their participation in the Nations League by capturing third place.

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Beyond the medals for third place and the gold glove of Louis “Pupa” Lopez, Bicolor achieved the positive and negative aspects of Qatar facing the road to qualifying for 2022.

Undoubtedly, Fabian Coyote regained the confidence of his team and washed away the doubts that arose after the bad results in the friendship against Nicaragua and Guatemala.

After being spotted in the Nations League, Bicolor has left a good taste in his mouth and is excited about the Gold Cup and the World Cup in Qatar.

10 things that nations leave in Honduras

1. The third place that led to the stabilization of the skeleton or spine column of footballers to be used as a base in the Gold Cup and the removal of Qatar in 2022. Players who play slower than others and those who do not should be taken into account.

2. Goalkeeper Luis “Pupa” Lopez, who did not have his best match with his team in the last Glasura, returned to coordination and confidence and took the golden glove to the best goalkeeper of the match.

3. Excellent analysis and in-depth knowledge of the United States and Costa Rica, two of the three direct competitors in the fight for tickets to the next World Cup.

4. Strengthening the 4-4-2 game system and its variants at certain moments of the game.

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5. At the end of the games the team revealed disintegration. Both goals were scored in the final minutes.

6. The band and organizer of the game goes through the boots of Alexander Lopez, who is one of the best moments of his life.

7. With the development, maturity and evolution of football in Albert Ellis, he was used as a forward center and a winger on the right at certain moments of the game.

8. Lack of coordination and knowledge in the defensive zone, where there are three new values ​​led by Manor Fikirova: Kevin Alvarez, Marcelo Pereira and Diego Rodriguez.

9. The resurgence of a new leader in the control zone. Not only does he excel at Olympia, but Debbie Flores continues to show that he is at the pinnacle of the national team title.

10. Clarity or complexity? Well-established players like Edwin Rodriguez are opening the door to grabbing a starting place on the senior team for the Gold Cup or being on the list for the Olympics.

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