10 Honduran ships rescued after 9 days in the Caribbean Sea


Group of ten Hondurans on the boat Falling star They Recovered alive At the last hour at sea கரிபே, To information officers Merchant Navy From Honduras.

An international ship was able to receive an invitation auxilio Of the crew Via radio. These were recovered while on the boat. Officers among those rescued from Jamaica, Honduras and United States They are looking for the remaining five team members.

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Most of the group are originally from the area The mosquito of Honduras Thank God. Residents of the Juan Francisco Fullness community have recently called for an intensification of the search for Hondurans.

The Falling Star fishing boat and its crew are all national, Stopped sending data Place before Wednesday July 7. They flew from Rotten to Kingston, the capital of Jamaica, on July 3rd.

Later, Honduran authorities activated alarms when they stopped receiving information regarding the location of the ship. It was not received Radio communication And attempts to join the team are futile.

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However, in the last few hours a search ship was able to communicate with team members. They came to the rescue and confirmed the whereabouts of ten people. No details have been released on the identities of the rescued people, who will be transferred to Rotten Bay of the Bay Islands.

CREW recovered

1. Tilson Omar Chuvaso Garcia
2. Gerardo Martinez Green
3. Dayton Sabino Rodriguez Martinez
4. Gerardo Alvarez Castillo
5. Jose Marcelo Castro Alvarez
6. Edison Alejandro Castillo Green
7. Claudio Green Castro
8. Henry Manuel Morales Green
9. Lander Loner Nice Areola
10. Victor Manuel Castillo Mauricio

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