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Interview of Shakira and Bizzrap stole the limelight with Jimmy Fallon This Friday, March 10 on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. After victory His duet with Carol G, “TQG”Interpreter of “BZRP Music Session #53″ performed with Argentina Said song for the first time live. Pictures leaked on Twitter and YouTube showing the actual event.

In photos leaked through social networks, the musicians are seen in front of the show’s logo, images of Shakira are known with her children Milan and Sasha before entering the NBC studios in New York.

program Jimmy Fallon Owned by American Television Network NBC, but for those interested in seeing Barranquilla in Colombia live, there are a few options. Also, it is important to highlight it Shakira and Bizarab Not only will they sing on the show, but they will also be the guests of the night, so they are expected to reveal details about the song and the singer will talk about their breakup.

Who is Argentina’s pizza rap breaking it down on social media?

Link to follow, Shakira Live with Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon’s Faithful Interview with Shakira and Pisarap The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon You can watch it live on the channel Available on OnDIRECTV, 201 and 1201 (HD). Streaming DGO, Friday, March 17 at 00 p.m. Additionally, you can watch clips from the Jimmy Fallon show’s official YouTube channel.

What time does Shakira and Pisarapp’s interview with Jimmy Fallon start live?

  • From Mexico, you can watch Shakira live with Jimmy Fallon starting at 9:35 p.m.
  • From Peru, you can watch Shakira live with Jimmy Fallon starting at 10:35 p.m.
  • From Ecuador, you can watch Shakira live with Jimmy Fallon starting at 10:35 p.m.
  • From Columbia, you can watch Shakira live with Jimmy Fallon starting at 10:35 p.m.
  • From Argentina, you can watch Shakira live with Jimmy Fallon from 00:35 (March 11).
  • From Chile, watch Shakira live with Jimmy Fallon from 00:35 (March 11).
  • From Uruguay, you can watch Shakira live with Jimmy Fallon from 00:35 (March 11).
  • From Brazil, you can watch Shakira live with Jimmy Fallon from 00:35 (March 11).
  • From Spain, you can watch Shakira live with Jimmy Fallon from 4:35pm (March 11).
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How about Shakira’s performance on Jimmy Fallon?

such as Shakira He mentioned it on his Instagram account Bizarrap hosts “BZRP Music Sessions #53″ for the first time for “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” this March 10.

The woman from Barranquilla exposed all her feelings against Gerard Pique in a song against her new partner Clara Chia Marti and her mother-in-law Montserrat Bernabeu. Fallon doesn’t waste this opportunity to ask her about the details of this global hit, but more specifically about their breakup. Something half the world is waiting to learn more about.

“You have left my mother-in-law as a neighbor, leaving the press at the door and the debt in the treasury. You thought you were hurting me, you made me hard. Girls don’t cry anymore, girls Bill… She has a good person name, clearly not what she says, she has a good person name, clearly she is like you. -oh”is heard in the song.

What did Shakira say about her interview with Jimmy Fallon?

The confirmation was replicated by one of the most watched shows on American television Shakira Through them instagram stories, She said she was very excited to be part of the guest list, which also included Lucy Liu and Tomson Idris.

“I’m excited to be back in New York with Bizzrap, and we’ll be doing our first live session with Jimmy Fallon… We love hearing from our biggest fans and seeing you sing the song. Show us how well you know it, and maybe you’ll be with us on the day.”Barranquillera wrote next to the promotional image.

Shakira moved to New York with her two children

Shakira Went to New York City for a special event. The Colombian singer, who is currently enjoying the success of her latest song with Bizzorp, prepares for her first performance on ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’ and shares the moment with her children. Sasha And Milan.

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The musician recently revealed that he shares a lot of great ideas with his sons, including working with Pisarapp, who came as Milan’s suggestion. “Milan sent a voice note to my manager, Jamie. He said you have to make my mother sing with Bisrap,” he explained during an interview.

According to local press, the singer plans to move to Miami on April 1, which seems to be the perfect time for the family, as it gives Sasha and Milan time to adjust to a new school, however, he is still there. Decide if it can be done in June. Best time for couples.

Shakira’s references to Piqué in “BZRP Music Session #53”.

There are so many things that Shakira revealed, confirmed and hinted at in her new song “BZRP Music Session #53″ that we have to break it down.

Of course, the subject refers to her separation from Gerard Pique and all the events that followed. The song starts withSorry, I’ve already caught another flight, I’m not coming here again, I don’t want another disappointment”, which may indicate She decided to move to Miami with her children and leave BarcelonaThe city where he lived because of his ex-partner’s job.

Also, he speaks directly to her.”As a champion you give it to yourself”, Refers to his successful career as a footballer.

He noted: “You left me as my sister-in-law’s neighbor with the press at the door and the debt in the treasury”, we soon realized that he was talking about the news of the last few months Biku’s parents live next door They shared in Barcelona and he was harassed by the paparazzi. Also, currently You are facing a legal problem in Spain Due to tax issues.

One of the most interesting parts of “BZRP Music Session #53″ is when Shakira says “I won’t come back with you, you won’t cry or plead with me”. This snippet Gerard Pique apologized to the singer and asked them to continue their relationship, but she refused. Ah, but now he is very happy with his new girlfriend!

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6 messages Shakira sent to Pique on her new theme TQG

Shakira He surprised everyone when he came out with his Music Sessions #53 Strange. The famous singer sent notes to her ex-partner Gerard PQ and his new girlfriend Clara Xia. After achieving success in record time, the Colombian artist doesn’t hesitate to do the same with his new release ‘TQG’ alongside Carol G. What are his former partner’s seven new spears?

  1. “We had, I forgot”: Carol G. A person who starts attacking his ex-partner Anuel bwhom she broke up with in March 2022. When it’s Shakira’s turn, she starts off strong. “Seeing you with someone new hurt me, but I’m already alone, I forgot what we lived, that’s what hurt you”sings Shakira. “Even my life has moved on, you’re no longer welcome here, your girlfriend dumped on me, it doesn’t make me angry, I’m laughing”.
  2. “You want to go back”: His attacks are reminiscent of what he’s already initiated in previous songs. PQ And Chia They are his targets again and he doesn’t hide it. “Now you want to go back, you can say, (Mmm yeah), wait there for me like I’m an idiot”Collaboration.
  3. “Mistakes I Won’t Repeat”: There is another reference against the former Barcelona player. Shakira “I won’t make the same mistake again,” he insists.
  4. “more difficult”: Many of the lyrics actually remind me of some of your music sessions song #53. “You’re out, I got triple M: ​​better, harder, more level”statement.
  5. “I love it”: Although he sang this along Carol G, One of the most remarkable phrases comes when Shakira He speculates that PQ I would have tried to show some kind of intimacy. “You want to come back, I already guessed when you liked my photo”sings
  6. “I don’t compete for men”: Shakira Don’t forget to mention the pair PQ asks the footballer in his new song “Tell your new baby I don’t compete with men”.

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