In a race with a light voter turn out, one race for the Cleveland City Council was decided, while another will move to a run-off election March 3, according to figures released by the Pawnee County  Election Board Tuesday night.

 In the Ward 3 race, Justin Hager received 31 votes (73.81%) to Catherine Carter’s 11 votes.

 In the race for the At-Large council seat, three people were running. David Cordle received the most votes with 71 (45.22%), David Carter had 58 (36.94%) and Heather Rosenhamer had 28 votes (17.83%). Since the highest vote getter, Cordle, did not receive the majority of the votes (51%) there will be a run-off between the Davids on March 3, which is also the presidential primary election.

 Also in  Tuesday’s election, Jennings school district voters were asked to approve a $1,530,000 bond issue for Jennings Elementary and voters came through with 70 yes votes (64.81%) and 38 no votes (35.19%).

 It is understood that the Jennings bond issue funds will be used to construct safe rooms that will protect up to 250 students and make improvements to the event center, such as increasing seating capacity to 550, adding air conditioning, remodel the gym’s lobby, concession, bathrooms, office and hospitality room, increase storage and ADA/handicapped accessibility work.

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