The meteor was visible for half a minute longer than Puerto Rico

A bright meteorite was visible Today is Friday at 4:55 p.m. It can be found all over the island. Fireball attracted the attention of early risers due to its large size and duration.

“Most meteorites only though Visible for a few seconds, this event was remarkable because the images we were able to capture show that it was visible for 27 seconds“It’s almost half a minute,” said Eddie Irisari, vice president of the Caribbean Astronomical Society (SAC).

“It looked bigger and bigger, it didn’t look like a typical meteorite,” Italy said, noticing the spectacular view from the guanyla while exercising.

The SAC director clarified that although the meteorite has been around for a long time, it is not space debris, but a natural meteorite, i.e. a space rock scattering through the atmosphere. He estimated that it was a rock 2 to 5 meters in diameter, which decomposed at a height of 70 miles northwest of the island near Isabella and moved eastward towards Culebra.

“Many of the cameras we have in different parts of the island are starting to look at 35 seconds at 4:55 and ending at 4:56 at 2 seconds. It’s practically skyrocketing from one extreme to another, ”said SAC President Juan Gonzalez Alicia.

The academy explained that the meteorite lasted a long time because it was a large rock that caused the view of the common meteorite, because it penetrated our atmosphere at a very oblique angle, i.e. from almost sideways, causing decay throughout much of the sky.

Alex Guadeloupe of S.A.C. was privileged to observe it from the metropolitan area and was amazed by its apparent size and elaborate tail, but because it showed a turquoise green color it claims to be rock according to S.A.C. Magnesium and / or There is copper.

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