Luis Alvarado was “beheaded” as OAS ambassador. He will be replaced by Arturo McFields

The dictatorship of Daniel Ortega was overthrown Luis Alvarado Appointed Permanent Representative of Nicaragua, Extraordinary and Full Ambassador to the Organization of American States (OAS), and appointed Arturo McFields Yescos To lead Ortega’s delegation to the Continental Body, step Presidential Agreement 183-2021 Posted on Wednesday, October 27, 2021 in La Gaceta.

This is the second change in 15 days in the Nicaraguan delegation by the Ordega Murillo regime. On October 15, Ortega appointed Michael Rene Campbell Hooker – the son of the Nicaraguan ambassador to Washington – as Managua’s permanent permanent representative to the OAS.

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The new OAS ambassador, Arturo McFields, has served as a journalist for Channel 12 and La Brenza. He is remembered for interviewing and touring the final meetings of the year, inside the home of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo, before FSLN returned to power.

McFields was appointed press correspondent for the Nicaraguan embassy in Washington eight years later. In 2019, he was appointed First Secretary of the Permanent Mission of the Republic of Nicaragua to the OAS. In the same year, he took over as Ministerial Adviser on Permanent Mission to the OAS of the Republic of Nicaragua.

“Name Comrade Arturo McFields Yescos as the first Secretary of the Permanent Mission of the Washington-based Republic of Nicaragua (OAS) in the United States,” the article reads. -2021.

The current former OAS ambassador, Luis Alvarado, was appointed by Ortega to protect the presidential couple in front of the body and sell the default default in the country. Alvarado has replaced current Foreign Minister Denis Moncada as the permanent representative to the OAS following the unexpected departure of Foreign Minister Samuel Santos.

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On October 2, Nicaragua was again subject to debate before the OAS Permanent Council. Again 26 countries release more than 150 political prisoners, hold free elections, and the OAS provides an opportunity to take alternative measures to restore democracy in the country and to resolve the Nicaraguan problem. In the General Assembly within a month.

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