Blacklisted communicators of the century at the Radio Commission, Subjects and Unfiltered

Over a dozen communicators and radio programs appear on the blacklist of the National Commission for Public Entertainment and Radiophony (CNEPR) this century. has put “One stop” for contacts, subjects and people without a filter Avid users of media.

For the cases of Alvaro Arvelo Jr., Alberto Vargas, Christian Casablanca, John Perry, Nelson Javier (El Cocotrillo), Enrique Crespo, Ali David Demy, Claudia Perez Ramirez (La Dora) and Radelkis Giselle George (La Ferris, La Jociadora) now join the “Sinfiltro Radio Show”. Gold material 24.

The Radio Commission decided on Wednesday Temporary suspension (five days) of “Sinfiltro Radio Show” and 30-day ban on Merenguero Sujeto Oro 24 Use of profanity in radio and television programmes.

The government agency alleges that the singer expressed himself with “extremely expressive words and exaggerated profanity” on the radio show.

The permit was extended to a program broadcast on radio station KQ-94 FM because its hosts did not air a live interview in time.

“Quite the contrary, he allowed it to run, that is, he allowed it to express itself freely,” reads one of the resolution's recitals.

In addition, content was uploaded to digital platforms without restrictions and went viral, “which means more reach, and therefore more damage to society,” it said.

The subject cannot speak or appear on radio and television for 30 days.

According to the resolution, Joan Manuel Noah (Gold Item 24) has committed “very serious crimes In the use of this term when he was interviewed on the Sin Filtro radio show program, by radio station KQ 94.5 FM and by Matrix 104.7 FM, in the afternoon on national radio.

In another opinion it states: “Participation of the subject in radio and television programs throughout the country shall be disqualified or suspended for thirty days, starting from the notification of this resolution, if the content is obscene, vulgar and very revealing. , Sin Filtro said that the offense occurred during the broadcast of the radio program.”

Hosts of the “Sinfiltro Radio Show” broadcast on KQ-94 FM.

“The Unfiltered Radio Show” is operated Every afternoon, Monday through Friday, Robert Sanchez, Sandra Perogal, Caro Brito, Denise Pena, Yule Pina and Candy Flo.

No contempt record The recent resolutions of the CNEPR show that this institution still respects the regulated in the area of ​​communications.

All have chosen to accept the mandates, although permittees have the possibility to request reconsideration as legally appropriate.

They don't want to fight their cases in court. As well as they can, especially, in the case of a punishment, when these are so weak, if any fine is paid, according to the legal provisions for these violations, it will be ridiculous because of the small amount of pesos. .

Alvaro Arvelo Jr. passed away on September 21, 2023 at the age of 80.

Son of Alvaro Arvelo

One of the cases that created the most tension was that of Alvaro Arvelo (now deceased).He was suspended for 20 days in October 2017 He appeared on radio and television for his inappropriate comments about the image of Father of the Nation Juan Pablo Duarte.

“cowardly, depressed and gay”, “Scoundrel, fanaticism, reluctance” were some of the phrases Alvarito attributed to the father of the nation.

The comments of the communicator, carrying card 3156 at the time, occurred on “El Copierno de la Manana” broadcast on station Z 101 FM.

This is the second time he has been sanctioned for inappropriate language. The first time occurred during the government of Hipolito Mejia (2000-2004), when the journalist Napoléon Peras was the head of the commission. However, the then culture minister, Tony Rufful (who administered the commission) overturned this provision.

John Perry faced suspension in 2018.

John Perry

In August 2018, John Perry was suspended for 15 days By CNEPR for accusatory language and aggressive attitude.

The communicator justified the action by saying that if he was called a thief again, he would react in the same way.

“If they come back and call me a thief, who will I come back and lie to,” the Super Channel 33 commentator said in 2018.

In a video published on his account on the social network Instagram (@jhonberrytv), the commentator of the program “Under the Magnifying Glass” said that he did not intentionally break the glass table that he hit when a viewer called him a “thief”. And he did not judge the company for suspending him.

On the TV show “Bajo La Lupa,” Perry displayed aggressive language and rude attitudes on several occasions, “exciting himself to the point of losing his sanity worthy of a television show,” the commission argued in one of its songs.

“As a result, said Mr. John Perry, Regulatory Body for Radio and Public Entertainment.

Alberto Vargas left the radio program “Ritmo de la Manana” in 2018 and 2021.Photo: Instagram

Alberto Vargas

In suspension lists From 2018 and 2021, versatile announcer Alberto Vargas is booked. Three years ago, the National Public Entertainment and Broadcasting Commission disqualified him for 30 days from his radio and television career after allegedly using inappropriate language on a radio program called “The Rhythm of the Morning.” Aired on Rhythm 96 station.

Resolution 001-2021 stated that Vargas “makes careless, obnoxious, disrespectful accusations and unfortunate insults” in the radio show, which is prohibited under Regulation 824, which governs these acts in electronic media.

Among the expressions pointed out in the document sent to List's Diario is “… Is Santiago a field? I have every right in the world… If you want to die, die… “May you die, daughter of your (-) mother… you filthy beggar who gave birth to you.”

“The words and expressions uttered by Mr. Alberto Vargas violate the proper use of language in the media and make expressions inappropriate for a communicator, while his attitudes affect the right of listeners to enjoy the media…” the commission pointed out.

This is not the first time Vargas has been suspended. In May 2018, he was suspended for 20 days after broadcasting live on the radio station “El Ritmo de la Manana” to a listener of Venezuelan descent. On social networks, Vargas addresses the problem by using inappropriate expressions in response to the call of the young woman who was inappropriately insulted.

On that date, Vargas criticized the existence of a commission like the current one In a modern society. “No country that has the rule of law can afford itself the luxury, the government, the financing company, with everybody's money, to silence the people, it has no government,” Vargas revealed on his radio show.

According to him, a commission convenes to censure a communicator who cannot defend himself. “They conclude that you don't have access to a right that the Constitution guarantees you.”

The announcer is Rathelkis Grisel George (La Perris, La Jociatora).

“La Perris”

In October 2018, the commission stopped radio and television presentations A period is 30 days Correspondent Radelkis Crisal Jorge, known as “La Ferris, La Jociatora” for his rudeness on a Santiago radio show “Children of the Great Duta”, It is broadcast every morning on Turbo 98 FM.

“He was accused of making a bad, careless, irresponsible, defamatory and inappropriate use of radio, which is a medium of general interest and which has an important influence on the formation of public opinion, the edification of people and the conduct of citizens. .”

Claudia Perez (La Dora) was disqualified in 2017 by the Radio CommissionPhoto: YouTube


Commission on Friday, September 15, 2017 Claudia Pérez Ramírez (La Tora) was suspended for 30 days His “Efficiencia Social” program on Channel 45 on Teleradioamerica (TRA) for using foul language.

Perez Ramírez said the terminology was used in his complaints involving officials from the Dominican government.

Nelson Javier served a 15-day suspension.

Nelson Javier “Crocodile”

Nelson Javier (El Cocotrillo), host of the program “El Show de Nelson” broadcast on Channel 25 in Santiago, was taken into account by the CNEPR. 15-day suspension for “using foul and abusive language, In Company Resolution 002-2016, uttering inappropriate, rude, vulgar, obscene and discriminatory words and expressions for public use.

On March 7, 2016, Nelson Javier used insulting and hurtful words against the former US ambassador to the country, James Brewster, for his sexual desire and for visiting an educational institution in Santiago with her husband.

Christian Casablanca was admitted eight years ago.

Christian Casablanca

On April 7, 2016, the Commission suspended the radio and television participation of Adrian Ronado Salcido Rosario, known as Christian Casablanca. For using abusive language In his program “The Mastermind of Christian Casablanca” aired on Telefuturo Channel 23.

In that case, Commission Resolution 001-2016 was applied, which explained the reasons for the suspension. “Telefuturo for uttering obscene words, repeated curses and racist epithets in his show aired on Channel 23,” the statement said.

The conflict arose when Paulino Toribio, Altagracia Paulino's son, commented on the El Consumidor program broadcast on Telesistema Channel 11, commenting that he had never won the Casablanca Lottery, as he admitted.

To those words Casablanca angrily replied to Paulino that he had the money thanks to the lottery.

La Pitonisa, Enrique Crespo, Ali David Demy and Veronica Bautista

The owners of the circus

On April 9, 2010, Radio Commission Three presenters were suspended From the entertainment program “Los Duenos del Circo” broadcast by Digital 15.

Enrique Crespo and Ali David Demy, Venezuelan and Dominican Tommy Castillo (La Berni) would both be suspended for three months after physical and verbal attacks against host Venya Carolina during a live broadcast on April 7 of that year, but the sanction was different. Presentation on the last Monday of every month for three months.

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