Daylan Boyd, Hallie Collins, Coach Lisa Brown, Aubry Smith, Adrianna Brown, not pictured: Abbi Rogers.

Back at the first of May, ‘Coach Lisa,’ thought about trying something new, a 3V3 soccer team, something that was new to all of the girls. With different rules, smaller fields, shorter playing time, only three team members on the field at one time and going up against teams that only play 3V3 soccer, the girls took on a new challenge.

 Their first challenge started late in May at Wagner against four 3V3 teams. Walking away with first place the girls were ready to meet the new challenge. After playing the Jenks tournament they found themselves on their way to Regionals in Edmond  where they won second in the Silver division.

 With each competition their skills grew with a new love of the game. Soccer is becoming a way of life for these girls as they are now headed to Memphis, Tennessee to play in the Nationals 3V3 tournament. Remembering that these girls have grown up playing regular soccer and now with hard work and passion for the last three months, just three months ago, they have found themselves headed to Nationals. This group of girls have exceeded the amazement of not only their parents and coach but other teams as well. They have been great  representatives for Cleveland, Okla.

 “We want to say thank you to all our sponsors and community for helping us get this far. Without your support we would not have made it. So with your prayers of safe travels and good luck we are headed to Tennessee in Novembe,” the team agreed.

 Once again, the team will be doing numerous fundraisers, seeking donations and sponsors on this last leg of competition. Keep an eye out for them and if you see them around town, wish them good luck!

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