State Champs

ORES DIVISION 3 STATE CHAMPS: Coach Dale Anderson, Jesse Poole, Cornelius Prather, Adain Alarcon, Conner Holman, Walker Whitsett, Tristan Fridlington, Caymon Prather, Assistant Coach Harold Poole, Kamarion Shanklin, and kneeling Caleb Bartlett with the Gold Ball.

The 2019 Jennings Bluejays 7th and 8th Grade Football team are ORES Division 3 State Champions.

 They finished the season 10-0.

 During the regular season, they outscored their opponents 243-64 (34-9 scoring difference) while going 7-0.

 Then in the Playoffs they outscored their 3 playoff opponents 116-30 (38-10 scoring difference).

 The Bluejays crushed Forest Grove in the 1st round 46-0 and then went on to defeat Rocky Mountain in the Semifinals 32-10. In the finals, the Bluejays defeated Moffett 38-20 for the State Title.

 In the first 2 rounds, playing in bad weather conditions, the Bluejays caused 7 turnovers while only turning the ball over once themselves. In the 3 playoff games they only punted 1 time. They scored on every possession in the Championship game except for the last possession because they downed the ball to run out the time. This is Jennings first ever State Football Championship.

 The team consist of 9 kids #3 Caymon Prather WR/DB, #10 Jesse Poole TB/LB,    #11 Cornelius Prather  QB/LB, #14    Kamarion Shanklin    TE/DE, #16 Adain Alarcon        OL/DB, #23 Tristan Fridlington  OL/DL, #25  Conner Holman WR/DB, # 56 Caleb Bartlett  OL/DL and # 77    Walker Whitsett  OL/DE. They are coached by Head Coach Dale Anderson and Assistant Coach Harold Poole.

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