The Cleveland Tigers basketball teams are on a high as they beat big conference opponent Mannford Tuesday.

 The Lady Pirates hit a 3 to start the game, but Bailey Layman came back and hit a 3 of her own to answer.  The Lady Tigers rolled out to an early lead, 19-5, in the first quarter and controlled the game most of the way.  Cleveland’s press caused the Lady Pirates problems early on and that led to easy baskets for the Lady Tigers, jumping out to a 31-14 lead at the half.  

 In the second half Mannford made a few three pointers and Cleveland went cold, but they maintained the lead all the way, sinking the Pirates 51-39.  

 Bailey Layman scored nearly half the team’s points.  Jayden Thomason finished with 9 and Alexi Hastings had 8.  This conference win brings the Lady Tigers to 4-2 (11-5 overall).

 Friday the Lady Tigers will embark on a tough game versus Berryhill.  “Berryhill beat Perkins tonight, so they are feeling confident right now.  It will be a tough game for us,” said Coach Clay Stephens.


CHS  19    12     10    10         51

MHS   5       9     16      9         39

 B. McNac 5 points 9 rebounds, B. Layman 25 points 2 rebounds, J. Thomason 9 points 8 rebounds 3 assists, T. Fields 2 points 1 rebound, M. McNac 2 points 6 rebounds 1 assist, A. Hastings 8 points 7 rebounds 2 assists.


 This was one Cleveland wanted, especially since Mannford has had four straight wins over the Tigers, and, the team has been on a losing streak the last four regular season games they have played.  This is always a big game since there is so much tradition on both sides of Keystone Lake.  The Pirates came in with a record of 11-5, tied for first in the conference 6-1.  They have no returning starters from last year.

 Playing for the first time in a week and trailing behind 8-9 after the first quarter and 19-25 after the second, Cleveland outscored Mannford over the final quarters en route to a 48-44 victory over the Pirates.

 Shain Hamilton had a stellar performance with 14 points, 3 rebounds, 2 assists, and 2 steals.  He attacked the basket and either scored at the rim or gave passes to open teammates for outside shots.

 Celebratory high fives and cheers erupted after the game-ending buzzer. “This game was huge for our team; it was a big hurdle for us to jump with such a young team.  We finally played for good quarters, executing the plan flawlessly,” said Coach Daniel Brimmer.  “We have had good practices for a good portion of the year, it just had not translated to four quarters in our games and that can take a toll on kids and coaches.”  Texts from alumni flooded in, congratulating the team for a “great Mannford week”, as the Tigers swept the Pirates in 8th grade through varsity games.

 The Tigers will look for another conference win Friday when they take a trip to Berryhill.


CHS   8    11     16    13           48

MHS  9    16     10      9           44

 N. Townley 4 points 4 rebounds, K. Ready 6 points 1 assist, K. Kauk 8 points 6 rebounds 4 assists, S. Hamilton 14 points 3 rebounds 2 assists, C. Harlan 5 points 3 rebounds 2 assists, C. Buerker 2 points 5 rebounds, J. Hiatt 3 points 6 rebounds, D. Baker 6 points 6 rebounds

To read the outcome of the Berryhill game, pick up a copy of today's Cleveland American.

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