Beneath the dignity of the office.

 I have to agree. President Donald Trump’s tweet storm has got to be brought under control. You have to wonder why his closest advisors (including family members) cannot convince him to be more selective and use more common sense before sending another rant off into social media land.

 But... Yep, there’s a but.

 But there are far too many others who are also acting beneath the dignity of their “office.”

 On top of that list are the late night television comedians and daytime talk show hosts who feel  it’s okay to go as low as you wanna go when talking about the President of the United States of America. How has this become so acceptable? Comedians claim to have some “pass” to say what they want about who they want just because, well, just because. They think they’re funny...and, apparently, they think we think they’re funny. And as if their own monologues don’t go far enough to slice and dice the president and his family, their guest lists are packed with ultra liberal thinking celebrities who want to get their own jabs in while sitting on the coveted couches talking about their latest show, movie, book, act or for no reason at all. We’ve seen this since the election, day after day, night after night.

 It’s the epitome of hypocrisy when a celebrity points fingers at the President for saying something he shouldn’t have said when that very celebrity has said plenty of things he/she shouldn’t have said. We all need to grasp some dignity.

 Many career politicians are no better. Just think about the ways the presidential candidates slammed each other during the election cycle. During one of their debates, Trump and Clinton were asked to say something “positive” about the other. It was laughable that they both had to think so hard to come up with something decent to say about the other. Perhaps the name calling and blame game that goes on at Capitol Hill for all the world to see makes others feel it’s okay to act likewise. After all, isn’t that group suppose to be leading us?

 Mr. President, I want to see America great again...I’d like to see you soar like an eagle...but it’s not going to happen if you continue your needless knee-jerk reactions to a bunch of turkeys.

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