As Deana was doing her thing in the floral department, I was browsing through the creative assortment of signs and framed wall art in a popular home decor store. I really like the manner in which so many inspirational and encouraging words and thoughts are being made into something you’d enjoy hanging in your home or office. On this particular pre-Thanksgiving “I’ll only be a minute, dear” shopping excursion, I found words such as “grateful” and “thankful”  artistically displayed on all sorts of wall hangings. But, it was another word that seemed to catch my attention everywhere I went, be it framed art, a simple plaque, pillow, etc. It was “gather”. The more I thought about it, the more I liked it. Yes, “gather” is a word worthy of accentuating, and someone somewhere understood its importance.

 We gather... a family to love on each other, to catch-up on the latest, to encourage, to offer advice, seek counsel  and to reinforce what should be life’s most solid foundation. friends to enjoy one another’s company, to be accountable, to converse, to share ideas, to encourage, and dispense hugs. business associates and colleagues to achieve and to accomplish. citizens to voice our concerns and opinions. community volunteers to plan, organize and schedule in order to make things happen. believers to grow, learn, read, sing and worship. parents to seek better for our children. boosters to cheer on the team, regardless of its chances. the afflicted to find help for tomorrow. prayer warriors to seek divine intervention.

 The reasons to gather are many. I’ve named only a few.

 We gather because, regardless of the reason, together is always better.

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