That’s MY ONE WORD for the year. I want to learn to appreciate more fully the blessings that come my way daily.

 Last week I told you about my excitement in encouraging our readers to take part in the MY ONE WORD movement. I’ve written more about it on page 1 this week. Please, consider choosing your one word and taking part with us!

 If you were to ask me if I was an appreciative person, I’d likely say, “Yes!” But, I think the problem is that I take too much for granted and don’t express my appreciation enough.

 For example —

 I have a wife who loves me completely...does she still feel appreciated after all these years? I want her to!

 I live in the same town as my parents and because of this, not only have I gotten to spend more time with them as the years have gone by, but my children experienced a childhood with grandparents living literally down the street. That matters. And I want them to understand my appreciation.

 I also live in the same town as my own grandchildren. I don’t know how long this will be the case — I hope for a lifetime, but you never know. A job offer could come next week, resulting in miles of separation. It’s a blessing being a hands-on Papaw and I want my appreciation to be played out in their lives.

 I’ve always had top-notch employees at this newspaper, working for wages below their worth. They come to understand what it means to be a small business in a small town. They stick with me for long periods of time. I appreciate their commitment and their talents...and I want them to be aware!

 God is a faithful provider, but days go by without me showing much appreciation at all — I want to change that.

 Life gives us so much to appreciate — our friends and neighbors, our community heroes, our teachers and church servants, our patrons and customers, the roof over our heads, our pets, the great’s a list that could never end! I want to stop daily and appreciate the people and situations around me.

  Thanks to the MY ONE WORD movement, I hope by year’s end my understanding of what it means to appreciate will be life changing. And I’ll appreciate that!

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