The excitement of a new school year commonly brings about renewed efforts to “do our best” and “work together.”

 In an advertisement I saw in a newspaper elsewhere in Oklahoma I noticed an open letter to parents from the school administration telling the moms and dads how privileged they felt to have their “precious children” be a part of the educational system — the learning experience.

 Being a farming community, they used a story about threshers and horses to make a great point. It seems there were horses, each hooked-up to a sled, to test their muscle and mettle for a community “horse pull.” Weights were added until each horse reached its limit. The duel came down to two large horses, each of which succeeded in pulling 4,500 pounds. Then, an old farmer suggested that they be hitched up together to see how much they could pull. One might logically assume that 9,000 pounds would be the limit, but together the horses hauled an amazing 12,000 pounds!

 Using that analogy, the educators pointed out that parents, teachers and administrators can achieve so much more for children when everyone works together than when working separately. While parents know their children better than teachers and administrators, it’s the teachers and administrators who have been trained to deal with development stages, learning styles and knowledge processes. By combining the knowledge and areas of expertise of parents with educators, students will be offered a better opportunity to succeed. Simply stated, by working together, instead of independently, more can be achieved.

 There’s no better time than the beginning of a new term to start fresh! Let’s saddle up and pull together!

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