I like to consider myself a patriotic person. I appreciate our country and the freedom it offers. I respect the men and women whose courage has made freedom not a dream, but a reality; whose sacrifice has made democracy not a concept, but away of life; and whose spirit and dedication have made us an enlightened nation.

 While I may think of myself as patriotic, I realize I fade in comparison to the men and women of our armed forces. For, you see...

 I may have graduated from a university, but I never attended one day of boot camp.

 I may wear red, white and blue with pride, but I never donned uniforms of camouflage green or khaki.

 I may fly my flag proudly from my door post, but I never carried it through a jungle or across a desert.

 I may write thought-provoking speeches and stories on the importance of patriotism, but I never wrote a letter home from the trenches.

 I may have given the names “Liberty” and “Lincoln” to two of my children, but I never left them to march off to war.

 I may decorate a room with festoons of stars and stripes, but I never had walls made of canvas.

 I may enjoy the freedom our country offers, but I never put my life on the line to protect that freedom.

 It is with complete sincerity that I thank our active soldiers and military veterans and offer them my respect and admiration.

 Saturtday is Veterans Day. Remember the price of freedom — it’s more dear now than ever.

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