In a world where evil people are spitting in the face of humanity and stealing life with no remorse, be a helper. In a world where people are dying because of extremism and terrorism, be extreme on the flip side… be a helper. In a world where people constantly are shouting that they have a right to say what they want, when they want, how they want, no matter who it hurts or offends, be a helper.

 There are so many more helpers and doers of good than there ever will be of the others. Choose that side. Drown out the noise. Be a helper to those who are confused, hurting and scared.

 You can choose to be anything on any day. You can choose to be insensitive. You can choose to pretend you are holier. You can choose to crack jokes about mass murder. You can choose to argue over religion. You can choose to fight over Democrats and Republicans and which rich politician knows the most and who is smarter than the FBI.

 Or you can choose to be kind. You can choose to be empathetic. You can choose to realize that tragedy can take anyone at any time. You can choose humanity over writing a heartless zinger in a Facebook post to get a lot of likes. You can choose to be an example to children. You can choose to think before you speak. You can choose to pray. You can choose react like Jesus. You can choose to demonstrate grace like Mr. Rogers.

 And you can choose to be a helper.

 Please. Because the older I get, I only have room in my life for helpers.


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