Police have re-arrested a Cleveland man for more drug-related complaints, records show.

 Carson O’Neal Douglas, 25, was arrested for methamphetamine possession on Feb. 13 about 12:30 p.m.,  after a report that someone was passed out in a pickup in the 1300 block of Jodebo Road,  police say.

 CPD Sgt. Mark Smith said when he approached the truck, he saw a small container in a nylon bag, a clear, plastic baggie and two capped needles.

 “I tapped on the window of the pickup and woke up Douglas… he was visibly startled,” Smith wrote in his report. “I observed as Douglas attempted to cover up the zippable nylon bag with a hat he had on his lap.”

 Smith said he asked Douglas to exit the truck, which he did “reluctantly” and then “began to tense up and try to draw away from law enforcement,” the report says.

 Douglas was restrained and detained by police so Smith could search the bag, the report says. According to Smith, he found a baggie with a clear, crystalline substance, which tested presumptive positive for meth.

 Douglas was transported to the Pawnee County Jail without incident, police say.

 Records show Douglas currently is on probation for a 2016 drug conviction of possession of meth with intent to distribute. He also has a hearing scheduled next week for a January 2019 misdemeanor paraphernalia charge.

 Because of the previous felony conviction, Douglas is listed on the Oklahoma methamphetamine offender registry.

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