Cleveland’s abandoned drive-in movie was a horrific murder scene Saturday.

 Luckily, no actors were hurt in the making of the horror movie shot there.

 The movie, “Screen,” is being made by a Tulsa-based team and used local extras, said David Baker, the writer-producer.

 The movie is about a group of young people who receive a web invitation to the scariest movie ever made. The opening scene will show the police investigating the teens’ murders after they are scared literally to death at the drive-in.

 “It’s a mystery wrapped in a mystery,” Baker said.

 The beginning scenes shot at the Cleveland drive-in will total around 30 minutes of the movie.

 “We needed a drive-in that had been closed for several years,” Baker said.

 Baker said he chose the Cleveland drive-in because it reminded him of the American horror movies watched while growing up in Great Britain.

 “It fit the story perfectly,” he said of the Cleveland location.

 Baker is self-financing the movie but he said he hopes to sell it to a Hollywood production company, like the creators of “Paranormal Activity” did.

 Lionsgate and Paramount Pictures have expressed an interest in the film, he said.

 “Hollywood is looking for good, imaginative, original horror movies, because they can’t make them,” Baker said.

 The hubub at the drive-in this weekend reminded many residents what it was like when the drive-in movie theatre was open.

 Baker said if he can’t sell the movie to Hollywood, he plans to promote it by holding outdoor screenings to simulate the drive-in theatre in the movie.

 More information about “Screen” is available at


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