Dr. Don Schumpert

Cleveland Area Hospital and Lake Area Medical Associates Clinic announce that Dr. Don Schumpert will serve the organization as both Hospitalist and Family Practice physician beginning August 1

 Dr. Shumpert joined the organization in January of 2018, as a full-time family practice physician in the LAMA Clinic. Dr. Schumpert served the community of Poteau for 24 years, and worked as a clinic physician, hospitalist, director of home health, and director of hospice. For the last few years, he was successfully fulfilling all four of these roles in Poteau’s larger health system. “We are excited about Dr. Shumpert expanding his role in our organization, and grateful for his commitment to our patients,” said the hospital’s CEO Edred Benton.

 Dr. Schumpert graduated from the OSU College of Osteopathic Medicine. His wife, Ginny Schumpert, is originally from Tulsa, and both of the Shumperts are enjoying being back in the area.

 Continuing to serve patients in the clinic will be Dr. Shaun Peters, Dr. Hae-Jean Peters, Heather Maxwell, APRN and Dr. Schumpert.

 On August 1, Dr. Jason Sims will leave his position as a family practice physician for LAMA and hospitalist for Cleveland Area Hospital. Dr. Sims has provided medical care to the regional community for almost 10 years, and has been a significant contributor to both the hospital and the clinic. Benton said his versatility has enabled Sims to serve patients in the emergency room, hospital, and family practice clinic. “We are grateful for the years of healthcare that Dr. Sims has provided, and look forward to the success of his new ventures in Tulsa,” Benton concluded.

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